The Cogeneration Project

The Cogeneration Project


The Cogeneration Project has been implemented with the purpose of improving the district heating system for residents of Pristina, by extraction of hot water from the TPP Kosova B.

€37 million have been allocated for this project, more than €13 million from the European Commission, €15 million from the German Government through the German Development Bank (€10 million of which are grant and 5 million are loan), €3.8 million from the Municipality of Pristina and €1.2 milion from the Government of Kosova.

Benefits of this project:

  • Provides stable supply of heating services
  • Lowers operational costs
  • Ecological environment
  • More possibilities for new connections and extension of the network

It is a capital project for residents of Pristina

This project has 3 phases: rehabilitation, cogeneration and network extensions