Activites are coordinated for the project of heat meter installations

29.08.2017, Pristina

The CEO of Termokos, Naser Canolli together with its management has hosted today representatives of the American Corporation MCC (Millenium Challenge Corporation), Thomas P.Schehl and David F. McGill as well as representatives of the local MCC office, Alban Zogaj, Edona Kurtolli, Burim Hashani and Kastriot Orana.

In this meeting it was discussed about the progress of preparations to initialize the project of installation of thermal energy meters, a project funded by MCC. The parties at this meeting agreed that expert teams from both parties continue the joint commitments to design the preparations for starting the implementation of this project.

The representatives of MCC were satisfied with the cooperation with Termokos management so far regarding coordinations for implementation of this project.

With this project is planned the installation of heat meters at all Termokos customers, which will have an impact in the efficiency of thermal energy as well as improvement of economic welfare of our customers.

The project for installation of thermal heat meters is worth $10.9 million, and is one of the projects where a share from the $49 million fund, approved by the MCC for various projects in Kosovo, will go.