Contract signed for installation of new substations

29.12.2021, Prishtina


Chief Executive Officer of PE “Termokos” JSC, Mr. Arsim Fetahu and Mr. Nickolai Zhechkov, director of the company “BRUNATA”, in the presence of the Mayor of Prishtina, Mr. Përparim Rama and the deputy mayor, Alban Zogaj, signed today the contract for the installation of heating substations, heat reservoir and SCADA system.


The Chief Executive Officer, Arsim Fetahu, has expressed optimism that the work of the contractor company will soon begin on the field and the customers, to whom the heating network has already reached, will have the opportunity to benefit from the heating services.


Meanwhile, Mayor Rama has expressed his satisfaction from the signing of this contract, optimistic that the work for the implementation of this project will go well.


The signing of this contract is part of the project “Improvement of district heating in Prishtina”, which is realized thanks to the support of the German Development Bank (KfW) and the Government of Luxembourg.


According to the contract, the consortium of companies “ERGOTEM & BRUNATA” from Greece and Bulgaria, selected by KfW will install 320 new substations, fully automated, in the neighborhood “Mati 1”, “the City Park”, “Arberia” , “Ulpiana”, “Dardania”, “Bregu I Diellit” and “Center” and 235 existing substations will be rehabilitated. It is planned for a heat reservoir with a capacity of 800mW to be build, which will serve for the accumulation of thermal energy; installation of several pumps; rehabilitation of the pressure retention system in the primary network and an installment of a SCADA remote control system.


The project for expansion and rehabilitation of the heating network is being implemented thanks to a donation of 10 million euro from the German Development Bank (KfW) and 2.3m euros separated by the Luxembourg Government.