Billing based on consumption

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apartments and houses connected to the Termokos network will be installed Free thermostatic valves!



Actually, your invoice is based on your apartment surface area (m2) and in future it will be based primarily on your energy consumption (kWh)!

The main measurement of heat takes place at the building’s thermal substation, which is the delimitation point between heat supplier and the customer. There is a difference between heat measured at building’s substation-level and the aggregated heat consumption of all building’s units. This is due to i) heat transmission by the pipes passing through common spaces of the buildings (corridors, staircases etc.); ii) heat transmission by the pipes passing through the units (in the case of using HCA’s mounted on the radiators); and iii) heat transmission between the walls and ceilings of adjacent units.

Therefore, the costs of this heat will be allocated proportionally to the heating area (m²) of each unit, and the heat invoices of the customers residing in the multi-unit buildings will be comprised of 3 components:

Two fix components:

  • Common Heat Consumption (CHS): A share of common building consumption is allocated to the building’s units proportionally to the heated surface of each unit; it will be charged to customers regardless of the amount of heat consumed;
  • Thermal (Heat) Capacity (TCC): Moreover, pursuant to the tariff for ‘metered customers’ issued by ERO, there will be a charge for thermal capacity of a unit; and
  • Heat Consumption (HCC): A variable component that accounts for the metered amount of the heat consumed.

The variable component will amount to about 80 % of the total of the bill; i.e. CUS 9 €, TCC 6 €, HCC 40 € - total 55 € per month.