The mission of DH “Termokos” JSC is to offer:

Quality heating to all our customers during heating seasons


Quality services by implementing technological advancements in development of the system of production, distribution and supply

Transparency and no discrimination in offering services to our customers



The vision of DH “Termokos” JSC is to have financial stability and technical preparation, and become comparable to other district heating companies in the region. To achieve a point where it would not be a burden to the budget of Kosova by using subsidies, but become a contributor to this budget by paying liabilities as a local company. This vision could be achieved through efficiency in implementation of some specific tasks, like:

Minimizing technical losses

Maximizing activities for increase of collection rate

These activities would create conditions for increase of the self investments

Fulfillment of such a vision would create better pre-conditions for investments by donors, banks and other financial agencies.