When does the heating season start and end?

The heating season starts on 15 October and ends on 15 April of the following year. Based on the legal acts in power, depending on the climate conditions, the heating season could be shortened or extended. If climate conditions are favorable, the heating season could start after 15 October or end before 14 April of the following year.  Otherwise, if low temperatures last for three consecutive days before the legal term for the beginning of the heating season or cold weather continues after 15 April, based on some preconditions with current legal acts, exctraordinary supply of heating is allowed with maximum allowance from 1 October to 30 April.

Why are the bills paid only for six months. Is there a possibility to pay them during 12 months?

Based on decisions of the DH “Termokos” JSC and monitoring bodies, it was decided that payment of the energy used should be done only for six months, as long as the heating season lasts. In a close future, DH “Termokos” JSC in cooperation with its supervisors will analyze the possibility of payment of heating services during 12 months.

What is the schedule of heat supply?

Since the beginning of supply through the cogeneration system, the heat supply schedule for all the customers is 24 hours non stop during the entire heating season.

How is the calculation of heating expenses done and what is the payment method?

The calculation of heating expenses for the DH “Termokos” JSC customers is done based on the square meter heating surface. Data for the heating surface of an apartment are taken from the Residential Public Enterprise , from investors of new buildings or directly from customers by presenting the purchase contract. The billing for customer heating energy expenses is done by the Department of Supply, based on the data provided to them by the Department of Distribution. The price for customer heating energy expenses are appointed by the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) based on the data which DH “Termokos” JSC offers them for operational expenses for production and distribution of the heating energy. The payment deadline if 15 days after sending the invoice to the customer.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the secondary network?

Based on the heating law, the legal responsibility of the DH “Termokos” JSC is until the measuring point in the thermal substation, respectively until the heat exchanger of a substation. For maintenance of secondary installation in collective buildings a House Association would be required or an authorized company for maintenance of secondary installations. But, since competencies of house association or authorized companies for maintenance of secondary installations are not yet defined by law, the DH “Termokos” JSC offers services even for maintenance of the secondary network. The pricelist for interventions in the secondary network is public and approved by the ERO. For buildings of the business sector, the maintenance of the primary network is responsibility of the DH “Termokos” JSC while secondary network is responsibility of the owner, who has to choose the authorized company for maintenance of secondary installations.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of secondary installations in new buildings?

During connection of new customers or buildings to the district heating network, customers have a right to choose their secondary installations with their own expenses. The company which executes the secondary installation is obligated to maintain them for at least two years. After this term, the DH “Termokos” JSC will take care of these installations until a solution is found for responsibility of the secondary installations.

To whom is complaint regarding the quality of heating addressed?

Appeals related to the quality of heating could be addressed at the office for admission of appeals DH “Termokos” JSC, Rr. 28 Nëntori nr.181, or through the following telephone numbers 038/543-210 and 044/966-150

To whom is complaint regarding the calculation of heating cost addressed?

In case customers have complaints related to calculation of heating, they can address them to the Customer Service at the Department of Supply, rr. 28 Nëntori, nr.181, Prishtinë.

Whom to address if there are compaints with the work done by the DH “Termokos” JSC teams in the field?

If there are complaints with the behaviour and work of the DH “Termokos” JSC teams in the field, you can address you complaint through phone by calling 038/543-210 or in a written form in the address NP “Termokos” SH.A. rr. 28 Nëntori, nr.181, Prishtinë.

How can I change radiators and valves and to whom should I address?

In case a customer requests to change radators or valves, his request should be directed to the Department of Distribution, respectively to the teams appointed in the field. Replacement of these equipment is done based on the pricelist, which is approved by the ERO. Replacement of equipment is done by the team of workers appointed specifically for such tasks. It is worth mentioning that such interventions should be done during the summer months or during months when “Termokos” is not supplying heat to its customers, in order to prevent the disruption of regular supply with heating.

Who does the disconnection and reconnection of customers to the district heating network?

Based on customer’s request for disconnection from the district heating system, Termokos disconnects secondary installations from the district heating network. Also, if a customer is connected ilegally, then Termokos will disconnect it from the district heating network. In these cases the customer has to pay for damage which has caused with its ilegall connection. The amount of payment which customer is obligated to pay is regulated by law and regulations. If a customer wishes to reconnect, then he is obligated to present all the required documentation and pay for reconnection expenses based on the general regulations for heat supply.

What is ilegall connection?

An ilegall connection is any connection of customers in primary or secondary heating installations without prior written approval from DH “Termokos” JSC.

How can the ownership of a residential or business customer be changed?

In case of a sale of property, whether residential or business, the new owner has the right to make a request for changing of the name of owner. In this case, the new owner is obligated to offer the purchase contract of the space, verified at a competent court. Together with the previous owner he should pay the old debt remaining in the previous customer’s card. After finishing all these procedures, the name of the new owner is applied and a supply contract is signed with the new owner.