Importance of bill paying for maintenance of heating system

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apartments and houses connected to the Termokos network will be installed Free thermostatic valves!



The district heating system in Prishtina ('Termokos') consists of three core businesses which have to be financed: cogeneration system in B1 and B2 Thermal Plants, distribution system with 253 substations and about 70 km of pipes
For the last heating seasons Termokos has increased the revenue collection over 75% compared to 20% which it used to collect in the past years. It is important that this rate increases up to nearly 100 %, because it has to cover the following:

  • Cogeneration process for energy production
  • Maintenance – material and manpower – of production plants, distribution system, substations;
  • Savings for further extensions of the system and
  • Administration (employees, invoicing, etc.)

The lower the revenue collection, the less money for maintenance. As a consequence, the energy loss rises, and in parallel, the heating price has to rise. The higher the revenue collection, the more

  • Service for the users
  • Maintenance of the system
  • Extensions of the system are possible, which lowers the cost of production and hence the price