Control of heating costs and consumption to over


costumers of Termokos.



Prishtina HeatSave is a project serving the citizens of Prishtina and especially costumers of TERMOKOS, enabling them for the first time to control their own costs of the district or “central” heating. It’s a project financially supported by US Government, through US federal agency MCC and the Municipality of Prishtina.

Around 17,500 costumers will in the future be able to pay their heating invoice based largely on consumption, rather than size of their household. This project will enable savings for those that want to save and control over the heating levels in their apartments.

Prishtina HeatSave will also help TERMOKOS become a modern public company, with digital billing system, easy payment service, full overview over the costs and distribution of heat, and will create more efficient system that can expand more rapidly to other neighborhoods.

HeatSave activity focuses on implementing district heat metering services for the customers on Termokos network, including installation of consumption-based heat metering in individual apartments, and installation of thermostatic heating valves with built-in balancing function on radiators. Equipment and devices for metering heat consumption will be installed in about 17,500 apartments within a total of around 300 buildings (about 253 heating substations).

All mandatory required equipment, from rehabilitation of substations to installation of heat meters, heat cost allocators (HCA) and thermostatic valves (TRV) and metering and billing system are free of charges and will be subsidized by the MCC/MFK project.

By implementing a consumption-based heat metering, HeatSave is expected to:

  • Reduce demand on the district heat network;
  • Support expansion of heat supply services to new consumers which rely on electricity for heating;
  • Improve the services for the consumers who already reside in buildings connected to district heating services; and
  • Enable Termokos to transition into consumption-based billing and thus better align their revenues with their costs and the services they provide

Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) is an independent foundation set up in 2018 to implement the Threshold Agreement between Republic of Kosovo and USA, through the Millennium Challenge Corporation. This Threshold grant envisaged support of 49 million USD for Kosovo, from which around 10 million USD were allocated for Prishtina HeatSave, including technical surveys, contract supervision, installation and trainings, monitoring and evaluation, communication, etc.

MCC’s Kosovo Threshold Program addresses two key constraints to Kosovo’s economic growth: real and perceived weakness in rule of law, government accountability and transparency; and an unreliable supply of electricity.

MCC’s investments are designed to strengthen the power sector by fostering a market-driven approach to lowering energy costs for households and businesses, encouraging energy efficiency, and developing new sources of electricity generation.

The design of the Prishtina HeatSave project is based on a rigorous study of the district heating systems in Kosovo which shed a light on the challenges that district heating operators face in maintaining profitability in a changing environment.

The final objective of Prishtina HeatSave is to support reduction of electricity consumption used for heating by expanding quantity-based district heat metering on the Termokos district heat supply network in Pristina.

Implementing parties of Prishtina Heatsave are dedicated to address all the grievances and issues that arise from the implementation related to the: workers, installation process and products, sexual harrasment, etc. For all general grievances related to the installation process, the implementing partners, quality of work and products, etc please write to heatsave@termokos.org – For sexual harrasment claims, please use the confidential electronic email: sh.heatsave@termokos.org