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apartments and houses connected to the Termokos network will be installed Free thermostatic valves!



All the installations will have one purpose, and it’s to serve the public the best.
The new metering and billing method is based on measure of energy spent and not on billing per square meter as was the practice in the past.
Heat meters and heat cost allocators that will be installed, will send exact data to the measuring and billing software. Collected data will be calculated and the bill will be issued only for the energy spent and so, we will avoid charging the customers for something they did not use.
Tariffs will be regulated by ERO (ZRRE) based on our standards and best practices, in full cooperation with Termokos, our consultants, municipality and other state financial institutions. Generated revenue will be controlled and channeled to the right place to make everyone’s life better.
Detailed reports will be sent to customers every month so everyone will have the best picture of how they spent the energy, what can they change to improve the heating in their homes and also improve or lower the bill for the next month.