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apartments and houses connected to the Termokos network will be installed Free thermostatic valves!




Field experts have made a lot of effort and analysis to achieve the best possible results.
Detailed site survey is done in every substation and building, to provide us all the necessary information about the system, pumps, pipes, radiators, vents and raisers of that system. Based on those studies, we developed a plan to make everything better than it was, bringing the customers latest technology and highest quality heating in their homes.
Study groups will consist of female and male engineers and non-engineers, ensuring gender equality and diversity fulfills all the necessary standards in our society.
Experienced Termokos teams will be present at all times, which will help our teams with their knowledge and also allow them to gather all the information about the new systems and parts installed on the substation level, staircase and apartment level too.
Propper public information will take place, to ensure everyone is informed about the new system taking place. Our teams will work closely on the field with residents to find the best timing for visiting their homes and assure them about professionalism and benefits they will get.