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apartments and houses connected to the Termokos network will be installed Free thermostatic valves!



Prishtina Heat Save will include a number of interventions starting from the substations and ending on the radiators on every building. We’ll be replacing old heat pumps with new ones, which will be frequency controlled and adjusted for the best heat distribution inside one particular system or substation.
All new pumps are Grundfos Magna 3, Reliable and long-lasting devices for heat distribution systems.
Dependent on the existing pipe line and power need, pumps will come in different sizes and power.
Starting with the smallest one Grundfos Magna 3 DN40, up to Grundfos Magna 3 DN 80 New Balancing Valves and differential pressure control valves will also help the process of heat distribution, making it possible to achieve the same radiator heat on the first and last floor and remove all the air bubbles in the closed system.
European leading field company, Danfoss is the manufacturer of all the valves that we will install, insuring everyone reliability and perfect heat every heating season. Variety of sizes of all balancing and differential pressure control valves will start with DN25 up to DN80 depending on existing pipe work and needs.
Every Radiator of every type, whether it is cast iron, flat steel sheet, or Rib radiator will be equipped with new Thermostatic Radiator Valves and new Thermostatic radiator Heads. Customers will no longer have to open their windows to achieve desired temperature in the room. Simply adjust the thermal head temperature regulator, and let it do its job. Danfoss is provider and manufacturer of all the Thermostatic Valves and heads so we will not repeat how reliable they are.
Moving away from billing the customers per square meter, we will install latest Heat meters and heat cost allocators on every radiator. Customers will be billed accordingly with their spending, meaning that everyone is in control of their heating bill.
To achieve the best measuring results, we are in tide work with Siemens, worlds biggest manufacturer for electronic devices. They will all be tide up to the software with Siemens network devices and GSM modules for wireless data transmission.
Software for measuring, billing and controlling of all the data, collecting and displaying to the customers will be done by our Partner HFC Grupa.
This system is in operation for many years in Croatia and we are bringing the same experience to our market too. Case studies there showed that all customers achieved about 30% better results than with old billing method (per square meter) applied in the past.