Thanks to the realization of the Cogeneration project, sufficient heat is provided for 24/7



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Increase in thermal energy delivery


Increased heating surface

When does the heating season start and end?

The heating season starts on 15 October and ends on 15 April of the following year. Based on the legal acts in power, depending on the climate conditions, the heating season could be shortened or extended. If climate conditions are favorable, the heating season could start after 15 October or end before 14 April of the following year.  Otherwise, if low temperatures last for three consecutive days before the legal term for the beginning of the heating season or cold weather continues after 15 April, based on some preconditions with current legal acts, exctraordinary supply of heating is allowed with maximum allowance from 1 October to 30 April.

What is the schedule of heat supply?

Since the beginning of supply through the cogeneration system, the heat supply schedule for all the customers is 24 hours non stop during the entire heating season.

How is the calculation of heating expenses done and what is the payment method?

The calculation of heating expenses for the DH “Termokos” JSC customers is done based on the square meter heating surface. Data for the heating surface of an apartment are taken from the Residential Public Enterprise , from investors of new buildings or directly from customers by presenting the purchase contract. The billing for customer heating energy expenses is done by the Department of Supply, based on the data provided to them by the Department of Distribution. The price for customer heating energy expenses are appointed by the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) based on the data which DH “Termokos” JSC offers them for operational expenses for production and distribution of the heating energy. The payment deadline if 15 days after sending the invoice to the customer.