Termokos is a local supplier of district heating in Pristina. The heating season starts on 15 October and ends on 15 April of the following year.

Termokos is responsible for operation and maintenance of boilers and primary network up to heat exchangers in substations. Termokos is obligated to distribute hot water with sufficient parameters up to the substation heat exchangers.

So, Termokos is responsible for the primary side, whereas the secondary side (circulation pumps, vertical lines in buildings, radiators in apartments etc.) is the responsibility of customers, which is not defined by the law on central heating.

Termokos does repair and maintenance of the primary network, as well as billing and collection of each apartment.

So far, Termokos has offered only the service of space heating; the hot sanitary water is not offered by the DH system.

Installations within buildings on the customer side so far have not been prepared for providing hot sanitary water.

Services and organization of the Company

The DH “Termokos” JSC offers heating services and is organized in four regions of Pristina:

  1. Center
  2. Ulpiana (including Hospital Center unit)
  3. Dardania (including Kalabria)
  4. Sunny Hill

5. Fushe Kosova (currently out of operation)

Secondary network services and working with third parties

– Intervention in all the secondary network equipment

– Offering of services in chemical cleaning of boilers and heat exchangers

– Offering of overhaul services for equipment (boilers, pumps, ventilators, burners)